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Warnings about Debt Consolidators

  • Get Every Single Thing They Tell You In Writing. If it's not in writing, it means they won't do it. Accept no verbal promises that are not backed up in writing.
  • Some debt consolidators have clauses written into their contracts that say "You agree to hold us harmless.... and you will not file any lawsuit against us". DO NOT sign the contract if this clause is present. This means they can stop paying your creditors, you get in big trouble, and you can't sue them for it. Just move on to the next company that does not have this clause. But this clause is OK if it is qualified with the statement "unless we are negligent or commit a crime..." Then it means you can sue them doing you wrong.
  • Don't ever in a million years consider a title loan on your car.
  • Some lenders just send you a pre approved check out of the blue, hoping you'll just sign up to their program without doing your homework first. Here's what usually happens. You'll get a check in the mail from them for say $3500 with a letter that says: "Congratulations, attached is your check for $3500 to open your loan account. Because you've demonstrated your financial responsibility, we've sent you this first check for your new Greedy Bank Credit Line. Use it to make that special purchase, pay a few bills, enjoy a relaxing getaway, fix your car or home, it's your money, so it's up to you." Of course if you're smart like we know you'll be after reading, you'll scan through the fine print to see the interest rate is a whopping 24%! You should be asking them why they want you to pay them 24% to payoff bills that are at 18% or lower! On top of that, you'll also note the fine print states there is an annual fee for participation in this revolving loan program, and fees for documentary stamps and personal property taxes. Of course you can purchase insurance options as well. Anytime someone just sends you a check in the mail like that, just rip it up, they are doing you a big disservice. The only thing they care about is stealing you out of your current debt and dipping you into their 24% APR, riddled with fees that they don't tell you about on the front page of the letter.
  • Don't let lenders trick you into thinking lower monthly payments means less interest. They could have a high APR and stretch the payments out over a long period of time, which costs you more in the long run. Car dealers use this trick with car loans. They hide high APR by stretching your payments out to 60 months, making them seem lower.
  • You should close out all the accounts you paid off with your debt consolidation loan, so you don't run up the balance again. This way you don't have double the potential for high credit amounts again.