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All About Debt Consolidation & Debt Consolidation Loans

In this chapter we'll discuss who should use debt consolidation loans, scams to look out for in your debt management, how to determine if it's right for you. We all get a lot of junk mail advertising debt consolidation loans. They tell you to transfer all of your debt to them and all of your credit problems will magically go away by sending only one monthly payment. In this section you'll learn the difference between consolidation loans, and consolidation plans, and the pros & cons of debt consolidation loans. We'll also discuss title loans, which you should avoid at all costs, and home equity loans.

If your 23% high interest rate credit card debt and other monthly bills are mounting, your balance never seems to go down. You'll be in this same discouraging position 5 or 10 years from now. You'll never break free. This is because paying 23% APR combined with only making the minimum payment is what prevents your balance from being paid off. Your strategy in this chapter is to reduce your APR, or remove it completely, and pay down your debt easily so you can be free once more. One thing is for sure, nothing will happen by just you thinking about it, you must act to take control of your finances.