VIP Cash Advances

We exist to provide you with both the answers to your questions on VIP cash advances and a direct link to the financial help that you need. Crisis is never convenient and financial stresses can take its toll on you, your friends and your family if left unresolved. We want to make the process of obtaining a quick cash advance as painless as possible. Apply for online cash advances today. Our customer support agents are able to answer your questions and deal with your concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Debt and Today's Economy

Being in debt is a losing play in today's economic world. Fortunately, the average credit card rate today versus a year ago is one percent less, 17.03%, according to the latest survey, but that slight decrease is not enough to spur consumer relief. In fact, recent reports indicate that $715 million dollars will be charged off from consumer debt for 1996. Whose fault is all this debt? It's difficult to assess blame. Going into debt has been a socially accepted practice for the past 30 years and was even considered a wise strategy when inflation was pushing prices higher. "Buy now---pay later" was the motto. The lenders behind all this debt...are they worried? Perhaps, yet the preapproved offers still flourish.