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Debt Consolidation Plan Review

  • Stay away from losers who don't disclose to you the APR in writing. You should never in a million years sign any contract that does not have full complete disclosure of all the facts, even if they tell you "Come on, everyone signs this contract".
  • Don't start a consolidation loan or program unless the APR is less than your current debt.
  • If you do get a consolidation loan instead of a consolidation program, close all your accounts as you pay them off.
  • Throw out ALL department store and other retail store cards. Most are at 18%-23% or more. Use your ATM card instead.
  • Never pay just the minimum payment. It'll take you years 10 to payoff the debt, and cost you even more interest as the balance accumulates each month. Always send in more than the minimum payment amount, and indicate extra principle on your check for car loans, home loans, etc.
  • Don't be afraid to seek professional help from non-profit organizations. It's not a sign of defeat, it's a sign that you're taking control again and you need help. When you bring your car into a mechanic you're not admitting defeat to anything, you're just going to an expert in the field who knows how to solve your problem. If you have credit problems you need a certified professional in the field of personal finance and credit to solve your problems.