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About Car Title Loans

Car title loans are loans with your car title as collateral, but the interest rate can be over 200%! Our stupid lawmakers keep voting down legislation against this high interest because industry lobbyists are very influential. The lawmakers claim that passing legislation mandating a lower APR would put the title loan companies out of business. Well gee professor, how do banks survive lending people money at only 18%? Title lenders reel you in promising quick cash telling you your cash problems are going away, but they are actually just beginning. Many people don't realize how insanely high the interest is and cannot maintain the payments. The type of person that signs up to a title loan is a fool, because if they are so strapped for cash that they'll fork over their title for cash, where do they think they are going to get the cash to pay back this ultra high APR loan? Many people default after the first month and their car is repossessed. It's a legalized way for the lenders to steal your car.

WARNING: This is the riskiest type of loan and is designed to steal your car! Don't do it!